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I am trying to figure out what these pills in my pill box are? I think they my blood pressure pill, but I am not sure. There is APO printed on one side and AML 10 on the other side of the tablets

With the imprints on the pill that you have mentioned, you most likely have Amlodopine 10 mg tablets- a blood pressure lowering medication. If you have not been prescribed this medications or if you are still unsure of what you have, please refer to your list of medications. Also, you may contact your pharmacy to confirm if this was dispensed to you or on your list of medications. Taking an expired medication may decrease its effect on your body. Contact your health care provider for new prescription or request for a refill from your local pharmacy.

I am having cold congestion in my head and runny nose. A friend said to get mucinex over the counter. would this help me?

First, over the counter mucinex contains an active ingredient called guaifenesin. It is marketed as an expectorant for cough. It usually helps by losening up congestion in your lower respiratory tract. Beacuse of how it works and marketed, this may not be the right product for the symptoms you have described. There are over the counter medications marketed as nasal and head decongestants as well as those for wet symptoms, like watery nose and eyes (anti-histamines). Keep in mind you may need to purchase some of these products at the pharmacy counter. Stop by your local pharmacy and the pharmacist will help you with your selections.

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