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How We Can Help

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Our goal here at RxPharmChat is to provide an avenue for users to come on their own time and have their medication related questions answered by our trusted experts of pharmacists. Our Pharmacists base their answers on experience in various pharmacy practice areas and follow current treatment guidelines and drug information databases. We offer medication therapy management as an add-on service to our users where our pharmacists review and actively engage our users, with the sole purpose of helping them make better informed decisions about their health and their medications. We will review your medication list for appropriateness and adherence; help prevent poly- pharmacy or drug duplications and adverse events. Our ultimate goal with this service is to reduce your overall health care cost by helping improve your general health outcomes. We do this by helping you understand your health conditions and the medications that you take to manage those conditions.

How it works:

  1. Sign up to become a RxPharmChat member 

  2. Subscribe to any of our available cheap subscription plans (Click here for more details)

  3. Schedule a session or video chat with one of our pharmacists for a personalized medication therapy review session

  4. Be empowered with action plan about your medications, or receive suggestions and learn how to follow-up with us if necessary

  5. Lower your overall health care costs, prevent adverse events, make informed decisions about your health, live a much healthier life

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